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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Slim Battery with Rabbi Bundle

True Flavor.   Smooth Vape.

Introducing the newest revolution in oil cartridge technology. Breakthrough in vaping for thick oils and distillates.

Working in conjunction with oil producers from around the USA, the Rabbi has been designed and tested to produce the truest flavor and smoothest vape of any cartridge in existence. Additionally, the Rabbi is constructed using only food-safe materials that have been rigorously tested to exceed all international standards and guidelines. Elevate your senses with the new Rabbi from S6XTH SENSE

Master chefs know that the right heat is necessary to cook exquisite meals and pronounce the right flavor. Don’t overcook your delicate oils again and use the Slim Battery by S6XTH SENSE.

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Slim Battery with Rabbi Bundle
Slim Battery with Rabbi Bundle

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    The Rabbi Size is 51mm x 11.2mm; Rabbi Capacity 0.5ml; Easy Auto Filling 2mm shaft to wall; Press-fit Ergonomic Mouthpiece; Ceramic Core; Stainless Steel Rings; Tank Options Glass or Polycarbonate; Rabbi has a 510 thread works with an Auto draw or Push Button Battery; The Rabbi Cartridge is a One Time Use. The Rabbi is Designed for Thick Distillates.  The Rabbi works with a Wide Range of Viscosities.  The Rabbi Design and Quality The Rabbi is a revolutionary new  vaporizer cartridge specifically created for concentrated oils.  The patent- pending design is constructed with food-grade materials and has the  versatility to handle a wide range of  viscosities including the thickest oils. Over the past several years, we have iterated tirelessly to evolve the technology and deliver the best performing and most versatile cartridges on the market. The Rabbi works with all 510 threaded  batteries, both button activated and air-pull activated.  The Rabbi has a press-fit mouthpiece made out of polycarbonate; stainless steel rings; The Rabbi is made with an anti-leak design, ceramic core, 1.3 ohm resistance; The Rabbi has a 510 thread that worth an auto draw and push button batteries. Filling instructions for the Rabbi The Rabbi is designed to be easy to fill 			and cap for both manual and auto-filling  machines.  The cartridge should be filled between 			the center shaft and tank wall.  Our 				design provides the widest possible 				space (+2mm) to easily insert the  oil-filling needle.  The oil should be less than 140 degrees when filling. The bottom of the top metal ring is the 0.5mL fill line for easy measuring. The cartridge should be capped while the oil is still warm.  As the oil cools inside the cartridge it creates a vacuum affect that seals the cartridge.

    Slim Battery Design and Quality Finally a battery designed for concentrates, distillates and thick oils. Don’t overcook your delicate oils. Our sixth sense drives us to create product innovations that elevate your senses. Included: Slim – variable voltage battery with 3 heat settings plus warming feature Fits all 510 thread cartridges Micro USB pass through charging cable – Vape while you charge! Instruction for the Slim Battery: 1. Press button 5 times to turn on/off 2. Press button 3 times to cycle through temperature settings  (LOW, WHITE; MEDIUM, BLUE; HIGH, RED) 3. Press button 2 times to activate  ‘preheat function’ which will run for  8 seconds to warm the oil. 4. Press and hold button to vape 5. Inhale WARNING: Only charge with micro USB  cord connected to 1Amp wall charging port.  Do not use ‘fast charge’ 2.1 Amp wall ports. The slim battery fits any 510 thread cartridge. The slim battery has a multi- function and variable voltage power button. Charging the slim is easy with the micro-USB charger. Technical specifications for the slim battery: Slim battery size 87mm x 11.2mm. Variable voltage with three temperature settings. The slim battery has a warming feature that will warm the liquid and prime the coil. The slim battery comes with a 380 mAh, enough battery life for days. The Slim battery works with any 510 thread cartridge. The slim battery has the ability to charge while still being in use.


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