Warning: This product contains nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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E-Cig Reviews


Posted By: Tammy Burgess

I buy them for my mom. She likes them over every other brand

Posted By: EG

It really is like a birthday cake, but its not overly sweet and is really pleasant. My favorite of all the flavors so far.

Posted By: Jodi Neumayer

I have smoked for 22 years! I have never even wanted to quit. I enjoy smoking. I started using the smoking vapor over 1 month ago, and I haven't smoked a "real" cigarette since!! It's amazing! I already feel so much healthier! My smokers' cough is almost completely gone and I just feel so much better! I love that I can "smoke" indoors, in the car, and around others! I enjoy deciding which flavor I'm going to "smoke"! I just can't say enough about smoking vapor. It just might have saved my life.

Posted By: M Sok

I have spoken to Amir, Chris & Zack and they have equally provided me with excellent customer service and go BEYOND to make me happy. I am so impressed! They are all very knowledgeable which made it easy for me to choose what nicotine level was right for me. I am IN LOVE with the Premium Menthol in High. It gives you that perfect throat kick and is very smooth. Better than any menthol cigarette I've smoked. I can't wait to try the Cool Menthol. I have also tried chocolate, blueberry, strawberry & apple which are very nice flavors. I really like the chocolate. I have been smoking for 20 yrs and I no longer crave for a real cigarette after switching to SV. I'll never go back! Thank you again SV for making my life better and I will be a long time customer.

Posted By: Diana Daversa

I recently purchased the E-cigarettes,with flavored smoking vapor and I absolutely love them! I have had these type of electronic cigarettes before, but nothing like these wonderful things. The flavor is authentic and all of the supplies/attachments are easy to use.Great buy for the price! I truly love them and I'd love to get some of my family members to switch to these. Thank you.

Posted By: DukeFan

I have quit and re-quit countless times in the past, but the craving for an actual smoke would often outweigh the effects of gum or lozenges. But these things work! With the combined feeling of smoking and the actual nicotine that the e-cigs provide, I have no reason or desire to go back to regular cigarettes. Not to mention these taste better…thank you!

Posted By: Linda Powers

I’m very happy with my smoking vapor. I love the blueberry and the menthol flavored cartridges. I brought it with me for my weekend trip. It was perfect for the airport. My sister tried mine and ordered her own. She also couldn’t believe how satisfying they are.

Posted By: EReagle

I just got my kit in time for lent! Giving up smoking for lent and hopefully for good! So far it’s great I really enjoyed the tobacco and coffee favors! My only question not really a complaint is 1. When I ordered it made me order white and pick a color for the 2nd battery! I wanted blue and purple; got white and purple. The 2nd is figuring out the flavors. The cartridge I just opened looks like a pipe! It does not correlate with any flavor I can tell of the ones on the website. It would be nice if the wrapper just had the flavor simply written on it! Otherwise so far so good, even have a friend who is going to order based on my showing her the product! Oh and I wish I could order the little case like they show as a small kit to carry in my purse!

Posted By: Sharon Bramlett

I love the freedom of smoking and not having any smell or nasty ashtrays. I bought the kit from Arrowhead Mall and the employee was very helpful!

Posted By: Laura C

I have not received my kit because I just ordered it. I did call and talk to them about a question I had. I got a voicemail and left my name and number. I was so impressed. They called me back within 10 minutes and were very friendly and helpful. Can’t wait for my kit to arrive so I can try it.


Posted By: Chals

My first order for packing at here and its really awesome Thank you

Posted By: Amanda

I’m not a cigarette smoker. However, a zero nicotine e-cig would be beneficial for me to cut other bad habits. The act of smoking is enjoyable and smoking vapor has helped me with my goal of improving my health.

As for the actual company, OUTSTANDING customer service. I think it’s safe to say this is the best business I have ever purchased something from.

I had a terrible experience with USPS and they arrival of the item originally but I am overly impressed with how smoking vapor handled it.

Posted By: Ken E

I gotta say that I absolutely love Smoking Vapor. As an EX SMOKER for over 20 years I have made the switch to vapor and I am so glad I have. I like the choices of different flavors and the availability! Nick at Smoking Vapor in Chandler is the way to go!

Posted By: R. Valdes

I purchased my very first E-Cigar and it has exceeded my expectations, thus far. It looks very realistic and the draw is smooth and flavorful. Although I would prefer a much smokier draw, it is more than adequate. There are no buttons to push. Just draw on it like a real cigar and you get smoke. There is no lingering tobacco smell in the air, on my clothes or on my breath. I even use it at the office during the day. It helps me fight off any urges to snack. This is a great product and I will be purchasing more.

Posted By: Sharon Bramlett

I love the freedom of smoking and not having any smell or nasty ashtrays. I bought the kit from Arrowhead Mall and the employee was very helpful!

Posted By: Paul

The first day using my new e-cig, I cut my regular cigarette consumption in half! Absolutely great product; customer service could use some improvement.

Posted By: GJ Cali

This E smoke is surprising. It tastes very much like a Hav-a-Tampa Jewel. It has a nice body and draws well. I’d like to see it rechargeable as of now it’s a throw away. It fairly satisfies the nicotine desire. Bought it at the mall on sale for 19.95

Posted By: Bonnie

This has been the best alternative to smoking a real cigarette I have ever tried. Thank you Nick for showing me how, letting me try the flavors and making it easy!!!!

Posted By: Cassandra

We are really happy with our Groupon deal, except how ordering went. I believe it was just a website issue at the time though. The tracking info & confirmation emails weren’t too successful either. Besides that, we are enjoying the flavors we chose to try the first go around. It would be awesome if you could make a vanilla mint though. We’ve been using 2 at once to make that flavor and it’s amazing. Thank you for the overall good purchase!

Posted By: Amy

Very impressed with the level of customer service! Purchased the starter kit, can’t wait to get my package. Will come back and review once received.

Posted By: Sonya

WOW!! Haven’t had a cigarette in a year!!! Love the Taste of RED!!!! Service is always the best!!!! Just a big thank you for helping me quit smoking!!

Posted By: Jan

Thank you Nick for helping all of us give up real cigs. You were not pushy and you let me try so many flavors.

Posted By: Jonathan Frausto

So Ive been smoking a pack close to two a day for about 6 years. I bought the kit about 2 and a half weeks ago from a gentleman by the name of Daniel Oakley. I was skeptical about it at first but really been wanting to stop cold turkey for a long time. Though I havent stopped cold turkey I will say that the smoking vapor cigarette works. These past 2 and a half weeks since Ive had it Ive only smoked 2 packs. Even though it still seems like a lot I must pad myself on the back because that is 40 cigarettes versus 220 cigarettes in a 2 and a half week time span. Long story short if you want to quit smoking buy this and not the gum or patch.

Posted By: Bill A.

I started using Smoking Vapor 2 years ago and I have been tobacco free since then. I can’t thank these guys enough. Nick at the Chandler Mall if the guy to see!! Thank you Smoking Vapor!

Posted By: Edwin Erickson

My raving review goes to the man at the Superstition Springs kiosk for his great and generous service.

Posted By: Kaye Lye

I had been smoking for 50 years until I tried your smoking Vapor, love the high classic tobacco, I was smoking 20 pack per day. being an overseas buyer I hope to work out what I need to order and when to keep up my supply. Shipping to Australia has been a little disappointing taking 2 to 3 weeks to arrive but am so pleased with your product and your part of the service is amazing, Thank you for supplying a top quality product and giving everyone the best chance to quit harmful cigarettes.

Posted By: Eric Holmes

Daniel: I am really enjoying my Smoking vapor cigarette. Thank you so much for taking the time to explaining it all to me. It has been 3 weeks and I have already cut my cigarette smoking by almost half. I really appreciate all the help you gave me. Thanks, Eric H.

Posted By: Venessa

Well, here is my story. I stopped smoking cig’s about 1-year ago. I was a smoker for just over 35 years. I went to the Superstition Mall in Mesa, AZ and visited Smoking Vapor and have not smoked since, not even a puff. Japhat, who sold me my vaping kit is so nice! He laughs a lot, is funny, listens well and provides exceptional customer service. I feel so much healthier and happier in every way since a year ago. My happiest moment is when my mother who is 76 years old stopped smoking cig’s and started using Smoking Vapor e-cigs about 8 months ago…. as did my brother, sister-n-law and my son. We all love the coffee flavor e-cig. Thank you Japhat for your exceptional friendly service. See you soon!

Posted By: Lynda Livingston

When my battery dies and I put the same cartomizer on a charged battery the flavor is gone and it burns my throat. Is anyone else out there having this problem?? I love the e-cigs and smoking vapor has been great for my health and I have quit smoking cigarettes. I wish the cartomizers would work the same when I have to switch batteries. This is my only complaint about these e-cigs.

I saw Sydney at superstition springs and she made the experience wonderful. I will never buy another brand again. Thank you Smoking vapor and thank you Sydney!

Posted By: Alma

Hello i ve been using smoking vapor for over a year I love it!! Just one minor detail i wanted to let you know. The new black cartridges are lasting A LOT LESS. Why is that???


Posted By: Scottsdale Fashion Square

I had a great experience withTejah, she was extremely helpful and very consistent to my needs. She was just wonderful :) keep it up Tejah :)

Posted By: Kelly

Daniel at Arrowhead Mall is an excellent representative of your company. Took the time to explain how your product works in detail which helped me make my decision to buy from Smoking Vapor. Thank you Daniel again for a very pleasant experience.


Posted By: June

Best I found.


Posted By: Toni

Of all of the e-cigs I have tried, smoking vapor is the best! Their e-cigs have the most flavor, longest lasting as well as the longest battery life. They beat all if the other brands in every way.

Posted By: Bob W

I wanted to let you know that as a 35 yr long smoker. I can not say that I have been smoke free for over a year. I have tried other e-cig’s and only Smoking Vapor has worked for me. I tried out the new Blueberry and it is great. It lasts so long and still has the taste of Blueberry in it. I tried a sample of Grape and it too lasted longer and still had the grape taste too. Thanks Smoking Vapor, as you have made me a Believer in your great products.

Posted By: Percie

Chris is really good Rep. And love this product

Posted By: Steven Talbott

Your Employee Agieg was great. He helped me just after closing and made it possible for me to get what I needed to make it through the time without needing to light a real smoke! He was polite and a real life saver. Thanks a lot!!

Posted By: Caleb

I was an avid Marlboro Red then Black smoker. I tried the classic tabacco and it wasn’t quite what I was used to but the Red is spot on. Thank you smoking vapor it is so nice to be able to breathe again!


Posted By: Marina R

Daniel O and smoking vapor U guys are great!

Posted By: Cheryl Anderson

I have come to ENJOY coming and seeing my friend Japhat here at Smoking Vapor! I have never been a big smoker, but bought a kit from Japhat several months ago. I enjoy relaxing with a glass or two of wine and partaking in my E Cigarettes from Smoking Vapor! I have bought two kits for my friends from “Groupon” and they too enjoy their new gift. I highly recommend “Smoking Vapor” down here at Superstition Springs Mall! Japhat is my man! He is so cool and always makes me feel like a valued customer! Sometimes I come by just to say “Hi” to him! 5 Stars to the service from him and Smoking Vapor!

Posted By: Lisa lambert

Today has been a year since I have quit smoking cigarette. ever since I started with smoking vapor at superstition springs mall Japhet has been an awesome rep for you, he is very attentative to all of my needs, he is a great asset to your company.

Great Job Japhet

Posted By: Rose

Da guys here are great! Great product… excellent people . Thanks Daniel O. ;)

Posted By: Sarah

Why aren’t there more choices like ecigs with liquid such as the talon

Posted By: Jesse

Smoking Vapor is the best electronic cigarette ive tried. ive tried nearly all the gas station brands on my drives and trust me they arnt anything compared to this! i can finally smoke in the truck!

Posted By: Sterling Land

Smoking Vapor is excellent, the customer service experience and the flavor experience has made me switch, I would recommend this to anyone, it’s very nice to have the freedom to smoke anywhere.

Posted By: Peter H

Hi my name is Peter and I am the Scottsdale Fashion Square supervisor. Smoking Vapor is a outstanding product and I help bring every smoker to that stand because I’m such a strong believer. Please come to Scottsdale Fashion Square and visit the kiosk located on the bottom level near Macy’s!

Posted By: Roberta Timinskas

Like better then Blu looks like a cigarette not holding a pencil

Posted By: Frequent Traveler

As someone who travels frequently, Smoking Vapor has made my flights so much more enjoyable and easy going. Fantastic quality and flavor I have confidence that this electronic cigarette will last and is there when I need it. Quick shipping and great warranty, I would recommend Smoking Vapor to anybody!! Thank you Smoking Vapor for no more hassle

Posted By: Bill

I am so impressed with the “Red Tobacco” flavor. By far best flavor of any electronic cigarette!

Posted By: Andrew P.

Since I have been coming to smoking vapor for the past few years I have always been treated with the up most respect and I always know that what I’m getting is going to be a quality product. In the off chance that something I bought did not work correctly the workers at smoking vapor have always made things right. Basically I like the fact that the people selling me my stuff are down to earth and don’t try to push anything on me. Thanks for the great service.

Posted By: Travis

I resently switched from Ego (the big flashlight looking one) to Smoking Vapor and couldn’t be happier! The biggest thing for me is that I can whip it out in public and with my friends and not feel so weird holding such a big device. Thanks Tyler for getting that ugly tank out of my hands!

Posted By: Travis

Excellent customer service. The guys here at the Chandler Mall are awesome. I have been using this product for a few years, and I really enjoy the experience. Thanks for a great job.

Posted By: William Adkins

You have a very good product. It could be even better if you had better quality control on the cadimizers. I’m currently getting about one bad mizer per box.

Keep workin’ on them.

Posted By: Cindi Blanke

I have since received excellent customer service and have spoken with three individuals from the company. All three were very nice and genuinely helpful.


Posted By: Cesar

i went to Laredo Mall Del Norte because my battery i bought 9 months ago was not working anymore this lovely girl miroslava replaced it for me with no problems.

Posted By: Cameron

Love the product! I Can’t wait for our new cigar to come out! This product does so many good things for people, and I am proud to put my name behind Smoking Vapor.

Posted By: Matthew Bell

great people to deal with, highly recommend and very supportive.

Posted By: Lisa

This has been a fabulous way for me to start the process of actually quitting smoking. I hate the smell and the taste of regular cigarettes. Using these has taking that away — no longer do I smell! The staff here has been incredibly helpful and and the prices are comparable!

Posted By: Terri Brock

Very friendly service, good products. The staff remembers you and takes good care of returning customers. Very personalized service. I love this product and Smoking Vapor!!!

Posted By: Andy

excellent product, very happy customer from superstition mall I recommend it to all

Posted By: Elly Schommer

I absolutely love my electronic cigarette. I don’t smoke real ones at all anymore and don’t even get a craving for one. The guys at this kiosk are always so helpful and nice. I would recommend a Smoking Vapor Cigarette to anyone!

Posted By: Jeremie Grey

I was a tobacco smoker for 35 years–and then I found Smoking Vapor and quit tobacco forever. Smoking Vapor is a great alternative, and I’ve been very pleased with both product and excellent service. Thanks!

Posted By: Cindi Blanke

While you have a great product I find the customer support to be non-existant. If you do not live in AZ you have no choice but to go to the website. Phone calls, emails – not returned. Online chat?? What a joke – been trying for 30 minutes and no one has answered yet.

Posted By: Taylor reynolds

i won this kit off there free kit friday and i love it!! , perfect kit to stop smoking! thank you smoking vapor you guys are the best!


Posted By: Julie Cruz

I quit cigarettes last week going on day 9 and I’m vaping all day every day thanks to you and now I have my friends and father doing it.

Posted By: Cindi

While you have a great product.. there really is no customer service. Phone calls and emails are not returned or followed up on. I left phone message and email and have heard nothing – it has been a week. Word of mouth is advertising.

Posted By: Alethea Myers

got my kit at superstition mall from Japhet, I have loved it ever since! I would recommend it to anyone! :) Japhet was very knowledgeable with the product and kept me very informed! Thank you smoking vapor!!! :)


Posted By: Kristain Neffysnailcorner

Visited the Chandler Mall today and talked with Zach! He is wonderful! Picked up the Basic Set! Thank you so much for making a GREAT product that is a safer, cheaper, and cleaner way to “smoke”.

Posted By: Stacy

I had been smoking for 30 years and decided to try this product. What a great find!! I have not had a cigarette in over two years. I will never go back to smoking. the customer service at the Chandler fashion square location is fantastic. If you want to quite smoking this is a great alternative.


Posted By: Cheyenne McAnlis

As of now E-Cig works well is compact light and convient as long you do not wash it.


Posted By: Carla Dickson

Excellent service at Superstition Mall, excellent product!

Posted By: Michael

Absolutely love the Red High! By far the best flavor of any Electronic Cigarette! Stop by Scottsdale Fashion Square and talk with my man Tyler.


Posted By: Natesha

I get great service at the mall. I had a problem with my battery after 7 months and when I went to Arrowhead mall, they replaced it without any asking any questions. Great product, great service.

Posted By: Kim

I have been using Smoking Vapor for 2 months now, I smoked for 2 years and now I can say that I am tobacco free. I love this product and I will recommend it to everyone.


Posted By: Terry G

I smoked for 45 years, and tried some other e-cigs but didn’t like them. Then I came across Smoking Vapor…BOOM, I am smokeless at last. I love the flavor & freedom to “vape” whenever, wherever. These are the best on the market, please don’t go out of business!!!

Posted By: Jerry

The easiest way for me to quit! I didn;t even think about it, it just happened. Before I went through hell and back trying to get off real smokes. And since the day I got Smoking Vapor I enjoyed the process of quitting.


Posted By: Kristain Neffysnailcorner

Visited the Chandler Mall today and talked with Zach! He is wonderful! Picked up the Basic Set! Thank you so much for making a GREAT product that is a safer, cheaper, and cleaner way to “smoke”.

Posted By: Roger Dorn

I bought this for my wife that has been smoking for over 15 years and it has been unbelievable how easy it was for her to move from the real thing to electronic. I think she had a bigger smile on her face after her first puff then she did when we first got married! I’m so lucky this young gentleman in Scottsdale stopped me to inform me about the electronic cigarette. I kid you not, it saved her life!


Posted By: Susan

First time user of vapor cigarettes. I was amazed at the easiness of ordering and receiving your products. Completely satisfied.

Posted By: Jacquelyn mann


Smoking Vapor is an amazing product. try the new CIGAR it is fabulous. thank you smoking vapor.

Posted By: S

Have tried all the other brands and they are a huge let down. Smoking Vapor is by far THE BEST I’ve tried and I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who likes e-cigs or are trying them for the first time!

Posted By: Michele

I’ve smoked for 24 years and quit on my first try with smoking vapor. The guys at the kiosk are great, your products are covered 100%, and if your battery fails on one of your cigs just bring it in for a brand new one. I recommend this product 100%!!

Posted By: Lisa Huard

I enjoy buying my cartomizers at the mall and the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. I love them!!

Posted By: AL

Every time i have come here I have been extremely satisfied with the customer service by Chris. He has been so helpful with everything we’ve needed and always come back. Because of his assistance we have been smoke free for 2 months!! thanks so much

Al and Mikey

Posted By: Susan

The most impressive thing about Smoking Vapor is there customer service. Have never recieved as much love as I do when I walk up to the stands. I try and recommend all my friends to switch over to Smoking Vapor so that they can experience the same excitement and love I get from their team here in Scottsdale Fashion Square!

Posted By: Shellie Contrer

I love it! The only thing that would make these better if the filter was soft like Njoy’s. other than that they are great and I have not smoked a real one in nearly 6 months now and will never do it again. :)


This product is incredible, wife and I switched to it and have quit smoking the cancer sticks entirely!!!! It has been 3 1/2 weeks and we are excersing more and feels great. Nick your sales rep, at the Chandler Fashion Mall Kiosk was amazing help and was super informative.. Thank you again.

Posted By: Brandy Others

I got my order in just a few days! Thank you. I also received my new purple battery, I was very happy to see the new bling. You guys need to FB pics of those! Vaping in style!

Posted By: Mike D. Chandler AZ

I started with Smoking Vapor almost 2 years ago. Zack was great to buy from and now Nick! I tried others like BLU and eVictory and they can’t touch Smoking Vapor and the service I get! The Coffee flavor is the best and I like the MB. Chandler Fashion Mall and see NICK to set you up – the very best!!! Mike

Posted By: Dan Won

2 months using smoking vaper on and off to see if i liked it 10 days ago i quit real cigs i love this no more ash in my car no more smelly cloths no more feeling guilty that im smoking around friends and family and kids this is changing my life id suggest the dispoable for anyone unsure about wanting to quit incase they arnt sure about the initial investment id gladly pay 350 bucks again to have been able to quit years ago i am handing out the disposables to friend and family to have them try to quit and get them into this

Posted By: Robert Woo

I wanted to say, that Smoking Vapor has been great. I love your E-Cig’s, since I was a 1 1/2 pack smoker until I tried your E-cig’s. The order process is simple and shipping is quick about (3) days. I have tried other E-cig’s, but yours are the best.

Posted By: Jerry mohr

my wife smoked for 50 years it took me and the the employee about 6 months to finally convince her to try this product. she tried the blue and grean nicotine but none of them seem to have the quality or the feeling these ones give my wife. she has been using it for 2 months and going and i couldnt be more happier. no tar no toxins any of the smell if anyone sees this please get your self one and i promise you will love it!!!!!!!!!

Posted By: Ardavan

The best product I’ve ever used. Excellent customer service and great pricing. This is a very reliable product. Love it and will recommend it to all my friends and family. I haven’t smoke a cigarette for 5 months.

Posted By: Deanna



Posted By: Jacquelyn

I discovered Smoking vapor about a year ago and have never looked back. I smoked a pack a day and was so tired of my clothes and hair smelling like smoke.It was getting harder and harder to find a place where it was ok to smoke. Then i found smoking vapor. I no longer smell like smoke or have to worry about where i can smoke because you can use Smoking Vapor literally anywhere. I tried other products and i can honestly tell you that smoking Vapor is in a class all by itself. There is NOTHING on the market that even comes close. So do yourself a favor and try Smoking Vapor. It is AMAZING. Thank You Smoking Vapor.you have changed my life !

Posted By: Lucy

All I know is that I smoked heavily for 45 years, and the day I started smoking vapor was the day I was able to completely stop regular cigarettes with no side effects and its been 5 months and I feel much better healthwise. I am also saving about $200 per month.

Posted By: Jan

I have been using Smoking Vapor for about 2 years I have tried the truck stop versions and they pale in comparison. The menthol taste to me like a premium brand of cigarette and i love the vanilla!

Posted By: Ardy

Great product good costumer survice, smoked a pack a day for 5 years and didnt had a real cigarette since Nov 2012.

Posted By: Hamid Test

Smoking Vapor is the Worlds best Vapor

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