Warning: This product contains nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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0.5mL Rabbi Glass - Matte Black (1 Slit)

.5mL Heat Black Matte Glass Rabbi with black mouthpiece.

Rabbi Filling Instructions

 These cartridges are press fit and you will need an Arbor Press to cap them. You can buy one from Amazon for $80.00.

 You will also want a needle to be able to inject it down to the base of the tank. You can also buy the needles on Amazon.

o Fill the cartridge .5 gram (do not fill over the max-fill line).

 Once you have the cartridge filled, cap the cartridge with the Arbor Press and immediately flip the cartridge upside down for at least an hour.

o Flip the cartridge upside down so the hot oil doesn’t penetrate through the cotton while it’s super thin. It will over saturate the coil and get too much oil into the center post.

o The flip is essential because the air pressure will push the oil through the coil if you don’t flip them. Not flipping the cartridge can cause the cartridge to leak right away or clog easily.

o Flipping the cartridge over prevents the coil from absorbing too much oil while it’s hot.

 Once cooled down (which it should be after an hour), the oil will not oversaturate the coil. At this point, flip it over.” Then, you should be good to go and the cartridge will work absolutely amazing! If you don’t have a press for these samples, you can probably find an alternative that will work to clamp them down.

Note: You can’t push the caps on by hand. It feels like you can, but you will need something to press these caps on fully. You can probably get away with a wrench or rubber mallet or something similar to clamp down these samples. Before putting in an order, I would definitely recommend getting an Arbor Press.

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