3 Reasons You Need to Purchase Smoking Vapor’s Wi-Pod

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As vaping becomes increasingly popular, new products are hitting the market all the time. Vapers no longer have to be content with the cheaper, single-use e-cigs that tend to only last for a short period of time and don’t allow for the same customization of newer vape mod options. At Smoking Vapor, we want your vaping experience to be as easy and efficient as possible, which is why we’ve designed a new line of Wi-Pod vapes that can be used with any e-cig or herbal concentrated oils in a variety of strengths and flavors. We also try to make each and every one of our products look unique and stylish, so your vape can be more than just a device and actually work as a fashionable accessory. Learn more about our Wi-Pod to find out why you should ditch your old vape for an awesome new device. 

What Is the Smoking Vapor Wi-Pod?

Our Wi-Pod vape is a compact device with refillable pods, allowing users to customize their flavors and make use of herbal distillates as well. This device is specifically designed to be used with thicker oils that need to be heated at a specific temperature to create the right vaping effect with each use. Using ceramic coils and dual-airflow technology, the Wi-Pod maximizes your vaping potential to provide superior flavor and long-lasting hits for every type of thick oil—from vape juice to herbal distillate. The design also ensures that you won’t have to deal with any of those frustrating pod leaks, which can burn your vape juice and produce a strange flavor. The best aspect of the Wi-Pod is the ability to fill your pods with the vape juice of your choice, or you can opt for pre-filled pods that are easily disposed and added to your Wi-Pod.

Why You Should Invest in the Wi-Pod

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1. Good for Thick Oils

It can be difficult to use thick oils or herbal distillates in vapes that aren’t designed to handle this type of oil. To understand why you need a certain device for this type of juice, you need to understand exactly how a vape works. Basically, the battery of your device supplies all of the power that allows the vape to work. When you hit your vape, the battery gives energy to the coil, which heats up the oil in your tank to a specific temperature and begins to turn the oil into vapor. 

Every oil has a different vaping point, meaning it needs to reach a certain temperature before it can be converted into vapor. With devices that don’t allow vapers to control the temperature themselves, there’s typically a pre-set temperature range that the vape is supposed to reach in order to properly heat the e-liquid. However, with cheaper devices, this range often falls at the lower end, which can greatly impact how your vape hits and tastes. Thicker oils like herbal distillates need to be heated at a slightly higher temperature range, so putting these types of e-liquids into a vape that isn’t designed to reach these temperatures can make the oil taste bad or not convert it to vapor at all. For anyone who frequently uses thicker oils, the Wi-Pod is the obvious choice because it has been designed and tested at these ideal temperatures to give you a seamless vaping experience. 

2. Uses Cutting-Edge Technology

The technology used in our Wi-Pod is one of the reasons it’s such a superior product for thick oils. Spitback and leaking are two of the most common problems vapers complain about and for good reason. No one wants to hit their vape only to accidentally suck in e-liquid. Our patented OAS (oil and air separated) feature allows for maximum airflow and eliminates the issue of leaking juice. 

3. Pods Are Refillable

Personally, we love using refillable pods, which is why we made a device with a large opening to allow vapers to refill their pods with nearly every size syringe. With this ability, you can refill your Wi-Pod with any thick e-liquid or herbal distillate of your choosing. For those who prefer to purchase pre-filled pods, the Wi-Pod is compatible with our collection of pods available in a variety of flavors. 

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Up Your Vape Game with the Wi-Pod

Experience a whole new way to vape when you purchase the Wi-Pod with the ability to handle thick oils like herbal distillates and produce long-lasting flavorful clouds. The slim, compact design makes it easy to discreetly vape on the go and easily fits into any purse or pocket. With the Wi-Pod, which features a similar design to our Mi-Pod, you can opt to refill or use pre-filled pods to make your vaping experience all your own.

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