3 Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Nic Salts

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For vapers, there are endless e-liquid options to choose from, and nic salts are one of the newer types that has been gaining popularity lately. When using a vape, you have much more control over the level of nicotine, flavor of e-liquid and intensity of your throat hit. If you’re looking to switch up the vape juice in your mod, learn more about nic salts and how they can change your vaping experience.

What Are Nic Salts?

If you’re already using a vape or you’ve tried one before, you’ve probably used the more common type of e-liquid nicotine, which is referred to as freebase nicotine. This type of solution mixes the purest form of nicotine with a combination of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. The level of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) determines whether or not you’ll feel a harsher or smoother throat hit. Many vapers enjoy the feeling of a throat hit, which is a mild irritation in the back of the throat, so some opt for vape juices with a higher level of PG for a more intense hit and bigger vape clouds. Others who prefer a smoother feel look for e-liquids with more VG, which produces a more gentle hit.

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Nic salts, on the other hand, are a different type of vape juice that is derived from natural nicotine as it exists in tobacco plants. Though nic salts are cultivated directly from the leaves of the plant, they are not usually considered to be as pure as freebase nicotine. So, you may be wondering, why would vapers prefer this type of nicotine over the other? Nic salts are known to produce a smoother hit and can actually reach higher levels of nicotine because liquids that include nic salts burn at a lower temperature. This means nic salts create less of that harsh feeling in the back of your throat, so you can inhale the e-liquid more comfortably with a higher concentration of nicotine.

1. Pay Attention to Nicotine Level

If you’re going to test out nic salts, keep in mind the level of nicotine that you’re looking for and research this information while purchasing nic salts. The standard nicotine level for more salt nic products is 50 mg, but nic salts are available in varieties usually ranging from 20 mg up to 75 mg. If you’ve never tried smoking nic salts before, it’s best to start with a lower dose because that smoother, less intense hit often leads vapers to inhale more vape juice then they’re accustomed to. Many people try switching from traditional e-liquid to nic salts because of the higher nicotine concentration, so if you’ve been looking to up your nicotine percent, this is the perfect product to test out. As you get used to the difference, you can slowly up your nicotine level if you choose.

2. Switch Up Flavors to Avoid Vaper’s Tongue

Those who have been vaping for a while are familiar with the term “vaper’s tongue” or at least the experience it describes. Over time, many vapers notice that they are not able to taste the flavor of their vape juice. Some even describe a sensation of a layer covering their tongue, preventing them from experiencing the taste. There are several reasons for this odd occurrence. Sometimes, it can be caused by dehydration or as a result of becoming too accustomed to the same flavor. Be sure to drink a lot of water if you suspect dehydration is the culprit, but more often, switching up the flavor of your e-liquid can eliminate the problem. When purchasing nic salts, try using different flavors every so often to avoid this issue.

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3. Keep in Mind What Type of Experience You Want

Some vapers seek out a harsh throat hit, in which case a more traditional type of e-liquid is better suited. But, this sensation bothers many vapers, so nic salts offer a solution because of the smoother feeling they create. Others turn to nic salts because they just aren’t getting enough nicotine from the standard, lower nic level vape juices. Consider what type of vaping experience you want before switching to nic salts. Those who want that higher nicotine level and more vapor will benefit from using nic salts.

Smoking Vapor’s Variety of Nic Salts

For the avid vaper, nic salts can offer a new, fulfilling vape experience. If you’ve been thinking about trying nic salts, Smoking Vapor has a large collection of nic salts  available with 20 to 50 mg of nicotine in more than a dozen different flavors. The best part? You can use this type of e-liquid exactly the same way you would refill a traditional vape pod. Pick your favorite flavor (or try a new one!) and keep on vaping’.

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