3 Common Vape Tank Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Expert vapers understand the importance of caring for their device to ensure longevity and optimal performance. But, if you’re still new to the world of vaping, you may be making some pretty common mistakes that can impact the flavor and efficiency of your vape tank. Don’t worry–every vaper needs to learn the proper way to handle their device. Read up on some of the most common vaping mistakes and learn how to clean your vape tank to properly maintain your device and avoid having to constantly purchase a replacement mod.

Most Common Vape Tank Mistakes

1. Buying a Cheaply Made Vape

As a beginner vaper, you may be hesitant to drop a lot of money on a new vape if you’re not sure that you’re going to like it but purchasing a cheap device can greatly diminish your experience. There are plenty of vape tank options out there that are affordable and well-made. If you’re thinking about purchasing a vape but you’ve never tried before, seek out friends who may already have a vape and ask if they would let you try it before you rush out to buy your own.

Cheap vapes typically do not have the same capabilities as more advanced vape tanks and mods. The most common issue with these vapes is that they often don’t heat to the proper temperature, meaning they can easily overheat or underheat causing issues with your e-liquid. Too high of a temperature will burn the oil, creating a burnt taste and too low of a temperature will not properly heat the liquid. Cheap vapes also tend to break much more often, causing you to spend more money in the long run. Instead, opt for a larger vape tank with the option to customize your coils and battery.

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2. Forgetting to Clean the Tank

As with any valuable product, you want to keep your vape clean and in great working condition, which takes a little bit of regular maintenance. Your vape tank, sometimes referred to as the cartomizer, is one of the most important parts on your device because this is where the e-liquid is stored. The coils, or atomizers, below the tank heat up when the vape is activated and, in turn, heat the e-liquid to produce those vape clouds we love. But, it’s really easy for the juice to begin building up in the tank and where the tank and coils contact, which is why it’s so important to clean here. If you’re wondering how to clean your vape tank, don’t worry. It’s pretty easy.

The easiest way to identify whether or not you need to clean your tank is if you actually see some juice clinging to the tank itself. You may also notice a slightly stale or burnt taste. If you think some build-up is stuck in the tank, simply remove this part from the rest of the battery and any other parts that can be disconnected like the drip tip and then rinse each piece in warm water and leave them out to air dry. Don’t bother washing the coil because you’ll need to replace this piece if it’s become built up with dirty juice. This cleaning method is meant to be done regularly, but there are other deep-cleaning methods that involve using warm water with dish soap or unflavored vodka and allowing the pieces to soak for a while. This will help your entire device to last longer and get rid of that unpleasant burnt taste.

3. Using the Wrong Amount of Nicotine

For people who are used to smoking cigarettes or have never smoked anything before, deciding on what nicotine content you need can be very confusing. Selecting a nicotine content that’s too low or high for you can greatly impact your experience. If you’re not already accustomed to a lot of nicotine intake, purchasing a higher-level nicotine e-liquid will probably cause a more intense burning sensation while vape juice with too low of nicotine content won’t give you that throat hit you’re looking for. Find the right nicotine level for you and test out the difference in nic salts and e-liquid to have the best possible vaping experience.

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Treat Your Vape Right

If you want your vape to last, you need to take the proper precautions. Purchasing a cheap vape without the ability to alter the temperature and change the parts will have you constantly purchasing new vapes as the batteries fail or e-liquid becomes clogged in the tank. Instead, opt for a higher quality vape tank and be sure to regularly clean it and replace the parts as issues arise to keep your vape in the best condition possible.

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