Dense plums of vape smoke, cloud tricking galore, and the highest concentration of vape fanatics on the planet is happening this Saturday at ECC 2017 Vape Industry Trade Show. Yours truly ‘Smoking Vapor’ will be there in full effect with a brand new game changing product, a new juice line, and the Smoking Vapor team. Here are some details on what you don’t want to miss:

The Mi-pod Reveal

On the heels of the incredible Mi-one Smoking Vapor has worked tirelessly to bring the market something that they needed. After a year of planning, engineering, testing and executing we have brought you the Mi-pod. ECC 2017 will be the worlds first chance to touch and sample this game changing product. The Mi-pod is an easy to use pod system blending simplicity, function and fashion. The style is unique, the delivery system is one of a kind, and the flavor is amazing! This is a pocket vape like in a league of its own.

One vape to rule them all! – Get exclusive Mi-pod info here

Old Loco Juice Launch

Choo choo, Come on Ride the Train! We are excited to reveal new and exclusive juice line ‘Old Loco.’ Incredible flavors that have a taste that stands completely on their own. Three unique vape juices that will please all palettes.

Salsa Grape *Grape Apple*:
A distinct Portuguese white grape on inhale infused with a hint of green apple on exhale.
Mambo Mango *Mango Lychee*:
Perfectly ripe juicy mango followed by a mouthwatering sweetness of lychee
Tango Pomelo *Pomelo Honeydew*:
Ambrosial mixed god of melons. Wake your senses with a balance of pomelo and honeydew.

Smoking Vapor booth will be #A34. We look forward to connecting will all of you! MORE EVENT DETAILS

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